SCHIERMONNIKOOG , Friesland, The Netherlands




“City limit” of Schiermonnikoog

SCH sign img60
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Ancient Map of Schiermonnikoog

schiermonnikoog oud
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Wadden Isles viewed from space


Schiermonnikoog lighthouse

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Waddenzee in which Schirmonnikoog is situated

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Waddenzee at low tide


Farmhouse on Schiermonnikoog

SCH farm img5
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Path with view of the sea

SCH path img3

SCH Path 2 img4
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The Usual way to get to Schiermonnikoog: The ferry

SCH Ferry img24
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Ferry terminal at Schiermonnikoog, unfortunately the weather is not always nice…..

SCH ferry terminal DSC00027_JPG
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Yaught harbour viewed from beyond the wetlands

Yacht club viewed from the wetlands

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