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Translation: Ruurd Visser

Ruurd Wiersma, the painting milkskipper

In the museum you see a splendid specimen of naive painting.
The retired milk skipper Ruurd Wiersma lived here, untill his demise on december 15th 1980. He changed his livingroom into a  large and colorfull panorama. Walls, Ceiling, furniture…… nothing in the house escaped from the paintbrusch of this driven amateur painter.

Ruurd Wiersma created about 300 paintings.
Ruurd Wiersma Naive Painter portret

Ruurd Wiersma 1904

Museum Ruurd Wiersma Hûs

Build in 1905

Museum Ruurd Wiersma Hûs

Some samples of his work

The four seasons

Eleven cities skating tour (Elfstedentocht)