The name Ruurd

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The name RUURD

As I could find out, the name RUURD seems to originate from FRIESLAND (FRYSLÂN), a province of the Netherlands.
My ancestors lived on the Wadden island Schiermonnikoog in the Dutch part of the Waddenzee, along the northern coastline of the province of Friesland (Fryslân) in the Netherlands.
In other parts of the Netherlands the name Ruud is more common and therefor the name RuuRd stands out more. Unfortunately many people do pronounce this name as Ruud, which I personally do not like, but have come to terms with.

When driving (off highway) through the province of Friesland, you will encounter this name quite a few times on name signs.

The origin of the name RUURD probably lies in the name ‘RUWARD’ and according to a name book I read when we (my wife and I) were looking for our sons names, according to which it means ‘good housefather’
I recently received a reaction from a visitor and when checking her ancestry (because she referred to it) I found a reference to a Ruurd Herres Ruward. So a double Ruurd in given and family, modern and old style.

As another Ruurd pointed out to me, the name is also encountered in the book of given names (Translated):
Ruurd see Rieuwert
Riewert gender: m
Explanation two syllable Germanic name from Redward. The first member is ‘councel (raad)’ (see ‘-raad\’) and followed by for the second member Gothical wards ”guard, keeper’ (see -ward-) *source: voornamenwoordenboek (given names book)

In search of my ancestry I encountered the name spelled as “RUHRD”.Since this was in the pre-napoleontic era, the current spelling probably has originated from that and was changed when civil registration was introduced during the french occupation of the Netherlands. In dutch both “RUURD” and “RUHRD” were and still are pronounced the same way and “RUWARD”, when pronounced quickly, also has a very similar sound.

In the written format, many variations to the name can be encountered, please see the NAMES Page