Proud of the name RUURD

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This is for all people carrying the proud name “RUURD”.
Any positive suggestions / contributions for this site will be appreciated.
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My name is Ruurd Visser and in my family there is an abundance of male relatives who carry this name or have it as a second name.
This, my pride of the name “RUURD” and possibly my ego inspired me to start this website.
It may already be something special to the Ruurds who visit it……

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The name RUURD


January 2008
As indicated above, another Ruurd informed me the ‘official’ explanation of the name Ruurd

December 2007
A Ruurd asked me whether there is a female version of the name Ruurd. The answer is simple.
Yes, the name is used for females by adding ‘je’ so ‘Ruurdje’

October 2007
A visitor referred to her paternal grandfather nemed Ruurd Visser. Because this drew my attention (webmaster carries the same name), I wanted to research if there was any connection between my ancestry and hers.
In her ancestry I encountered a Ruurd Herres Ruward, a double Ruurd!
Given name in ‘modern’ style the family name in ancient style. This may have been caused in the napoleontic era, when a certain Ruward was registered by his given name into the population registry by Ruward as his family name………

Funny coincedence though…The Ruurd Visser in below september entry and Ruurd Herres Ruward of this entry both came from Wymbritsaradeel….

September 2007
Ruurd de Goede was named after his marental great-grandfather Ruurd Visser and suggested he and I (the webmaster) could be named after the same Ruurd Visser. Of cause I checked, but the Ruurd, born in Wymbritseradeel (Friesland, The Netherlands) in 1846, did not have any direct connections to my Schiermonnikoog ancestry.


April 2017:
I have added a Captcha to the registration page, to deter robot spam registrations (24,900 login attempts were registered in three days!).
If you have registered before and cannot login, please do re-register, Due to the spamming, I have cleaned up all registrations which I could not recognize as legitimate.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

July 2016
Long overdue: Renewal of the site, in a totally different format all together. Fortunately in WordPress I found a site format, which no longer depends  on separate editors and extensive knowledge of HTML, etcetera. At this moment started only in Dutch, but (as you can read now) English pages will again be added… 🙂

July 29th 2008
Moved Ruurd Sites from main page to a seperate page and added a link for this page to the menu as well.
The Ruurd Elzer page separated into a Dutch and an English version.

If any of the persons referenced to on this site, have any objections with the reference, please use the contact form to inform the webmaster!

This site has no commercial aspirations and the references to “Ruurds in business” are merely there because I encountered them.